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Travel/Travel Guide Category,
2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Travel Recreation Category, Travel Essay Category,
2011 International Book Awards

Travel Category,
2010 National Indie Excellence Book Awards

Third Place
Memoirs/Autobiography Category
2010 Premier Book Awards

Editor’s Choice Award,
iUniverse Incorporated

All proceeds go to
the Galveston Island Humane Society.

First time sailors Buford Beach, sixty-two years old, and wife Jerry, fifty-four years old, dared to change their lives by taking on the incredible challenge of building the sixty-feet trimaran, which they named Beachouse, then leaving Galveston, Texas, to sail the oceans of the world.

This true-life story, written by their daughter Coral Beach, weaves the letters and journals from her parents as they lived on board, traveling to remote places meeting unusual people, with facts and historical background. Their letters depict daily life on Beachouse, the gathering and happy hour place for cruisers, and the constant hard work of boat maintenance.

With the philosophy of “you have to get off the boat and go inland to meet the people,” the Beaches describe life among the inhabitants of Kanton, a remote Pacific Island. They write of meeting South Pacific island chiefs and of listening to a well-known revolutionary for Vanuatu independence sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”

Written for non-sailors, you will experience rounding the Cape of Good Hope in hurricane force winds and a disastrous accident in South Africa as if you were on board.

Marvel at the Beaches’ commitment to their dream of circumnavigation, and each other. It is a funny, exciting love story about a brave and adventurous couple.

Top 5 Reasons You Will Enjoy
Happy Hour in Paradise

5. Like an explorer for National Geographic, you’ll learn at least 20 remote places in the world you never heard of.

4. It will keep you guessing: Is it a) a travelogue, b) a memoir, c) a love story, or d) all of the above?

3. With close to 100 maps and pictures, there are fewer words!

2. No sailing knowledge is required and you will not get seasick.

1. The book will not help you rediscover yourself.