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Geography Quiz

Happy Hour in Paradise identifies many remote places around the world. Take this quiz to see how much you remember! Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Tally your score and see how well you do. Check back periodically as the questions will vary.

Quiz #1

  1. What is the southern-most point in South Africa?

  2. Kanton is part of what island group in the Pacific?

  3. What is the island in the South Atlantic
    where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled?

  4. Isla de Margarita is part of what country?

  5. Male is the capital of what island nation?

  6. What is Madagascar’s largest and busiest tourist resort?

  7. The Hermit Islands are located in what archipelago?

  8. The capital of Penang is named after which king of Great Britain?

  9. Isla de Malpelo is part of what country?

  10. What Peruvian city is the closest to Machu Picchu?
  1. Cape Arghus

  2. Kiribati (pronounced Kir ee bas)

  3. St. Helena

  4. Venezuela

  5. The Maldives

  6. Hellville on Nosy Be island

  7. Bismark

  8. King George III- Georgetown

  9. Colombia

  10. Cuzco

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Grading Scale

9-10 Points Congrats! You’re ready to be a world traveler.
7-8 Points Good but you can do better.
5-6 Points You only looked at the pictures.
3-4 Points You must have fallen asleep.
0-2 Points You were asleep.